Charlotte, North Carolina is one of the fastest-growing cities in the southern United States. With a vibrant metropolitan area, an exploding startup scene, and a temperate year-round climate, the city is attracting new residents from all around the world.

As the fifth-fastest growing city and the #2 banking center in the United States, Charlotte has seen the arrival of tenants looking for all types of housing. From downtown high rise condominiums to suburban homes, the demand for housing is growing, and with that comes the need for quality property management.

If you have invested in property in Charlotte, then you likely already know about the high quality of life, access to nature, and great public school systems. You will also know that finding Charlotte property management you can rely on isn’t an easy task.

A quality property management firm will handle everything from collecting rent to dealing directly with tenants, and handling any necessary maintenance. The types of housing in Charlotte are as diverse as its population, and this is a key factor you should look at when choosing Charlotte property management. You should feel confident in who is handling your investment.

Condominiums located downtown have different property management needs than waterfront homes. You will also be dealing with different types of renters. According to U.S. News and World Report, Charlotte is the #20 best place to live and the #32 best place to retire. If you own property located in the downtown area, your renters are more likely to be working in banking or tech. This might be their first apartment in the city and they might not plan on staying there for a long period of time. Finding Charlotte property management that has a great reputation for advertising and showing your property will help to make sure you quickly have tenants. As many of these condominiums are newer, you should find a property manager that has experience with preparing and executing leases, collecting rent and managing security deposits. These responsibilities will prove more valuable than a property manager that is skilled with maintenance and repairs, but less adept with financial matters.

Tenants moving into suburban or waterfront homes are more likely to stay there for longer periods, and might even plan on living at your property after retirement. Many of these homes are older, which means that they will require more regular repairs and maintenance needs. If you own a waterfront home, make sure you use Charlotte property management that has great relationships with contractors and home repair services in the local community. This will help to ensure you receive competitive pricing when it’s time to fix things. Finding property management that has experience dealing with flooding and hurricanes is also important for waterfront properties. They will be able to make proper preparations for storms and know how to deal with property damage or flooding after it occurs.

There are more than 180 active Charlotte property management firms, each with a unique skill set. The type of property you own will inform which firm is right for you.