Photography has never had a more significant impact on selling real estate that it is nowadays. So, becoming a real estate photographer requires developing your skills as a photographer, and promoting your services as a real estate agent.

The photos are a crucial part of listing or buying some property. They include every part of the real estate, which helps potential buyers recognize the value of the property. Learning how to work with real estate agents means developing your communication skills so you can sell your services faster.

If you master all these skills, then you can find many real estate photography jobs and become competitive in the market with your prices and services. So, here are a couple of steps which can help you.

Get equipment

Having a high-quality camera is one of the crucial things required for this job. But, you might quickly learn that many competitors are very proficient at using additional lighting and Photoshop techniques. For instance, you should have a camera with a cable release, a flash, various lenses and wireless trigger.

In this case, wide angle lenses are needed. For cropped sensor cameras a lens around 10-22mm or 12-24mm is perfect. Depending on your job requirements, you should find a camera that will match your needs. For instance, if you have a couple of clients and you are just starting your career, then don’t spend a lot of money on equipment.

Later, as you build your resume and increase the number of customers, invest some money in high-quality equipment.

Approach the property

The first image potential buyer sees when reviewing the property online is an exterior photo. That’s why it’s essential to take some time to find the best angle and the best possible light. In this case, you should ask the real estate agent what the best features of the property are.

In this case, you can point them out to get the buyers’ attention. Usually, realtors want exterior photographs from the front and read, a deck or patio, landscaping, gardens, pool, hot tub and other outbuildings. Each feature should be emphasized in the composition by using the surroundings.

Interior photography

Houses come in various shapes, sizes, and conditions. It is essential to send your clients a list of tasks and suggestions before the photo session. They should clean and prepare the property for you so that you can take the best shots.

Once you are inside, make sure to focus on main rooms, such as living room, kitchen, dining area, master bedroom, and bathroom. You can also include a library, office, large walk-in closet. Clients can often tell you want they consider it’s important. This should provide you with helpful insight and offer you the best perspective for each room.