Like with any occupation, you need specific permits and certifications to perform a particular job. So, the same rule applies to real estate photographer.  You can either take a short course or actually attend a school.

Whatever you decide to do, it will increase your chances of finding a better-paid job. It’s not a secret that the market of real estate images has begun to multiply, so you should use this chance to get a photography certification. More and more people want to link their lives with this type of photography.

So, we are going to show you want to expect on each course.

The basic course

In this case, you don’t require any previous experience or knowledge. Usually, students need to bring a camera and a laptop. When you are a beginner, you don’t need an expensive camera; the standard one will do. After all, you are here to learn a technique.

In the basic course, you will learn a couple of things. For instance, camera settings to take professional photos, how to edit your pictures quickly and efficiently, how to gather information from the client and tips for shooting each room in a house.

You will also learn the best equipment for real estate photography and how to use it, how to deliver your photos using a free hyperlink, and how to start your own business.


Each course covers everything you need to do to get started in real estate photography.

What is the best equipment on a budget?

What camera to use for real estate photography?

How to set up a camera to get the best photos?

How to edit photos?

How to format your real estate photos for MLS?

How to send professional electronic invoices.

Keep in mind that every course will ensure you the necessary things, but the rest is on your ability to succeed. You should have an excellent touch for details and not anyone can become a successful real estate photographer.

After completing a course, you will get a certification, which provides you many job opportunities. Keep in mind that the client will always choose a certified photographer than one without a license or certification. That’s why you should work on education and further improving your skills.

If you have a bigger budget, then you can always attend a university course. It will last longer, but it will provide you with more knowledge than an online course. So, before you start this entire process, think about the job opportunities and how will you target your audience.

Once you complete the basic course, you can always work on your skills and enroll in another course which can help you become a professional.