Do you want to sell your home and move somewhere else? Do you know the procedure and how to make the best deal? When it comes to home selling, the majority of homeowners are confused with all the regulations they have to comply before you can sell the property.

It can be a time-consuming and nerve-wracking experience, and if this is your first-time selling experience, then you will require a couple of tips to guide you through this entire process. So, pay attention to a list of things we have gathered which will assist you in getting the best price for your property.

Qualifying the Buyer for your Tucson Property

Either you or your agent will want to weed out potential buyers who cannot afford to purchase your Tucson home. Items to investigate include the buyer’s debt and credit history, current income and employment, the availability of cash for a down payment, the time the buyer needs before closing on the home and the buyer’s level of interest in your home as compared to other properties.

Bitten by the Tucson Home Improvement Bug?

Money isn’t everything however so that if the most important consideration for remaining in your Tucson home happens to be the school where your children attend or the proximity to your work or to a particularly attractive recreational opportunity then remodeling may be the best option. On the other hand, if the idea of having your Tucson house torn up for weeks at a time makes your blood run cold, it really doesn’t matter how much money you might make turning a fixer-upper into a model home. You will be far better off selling the home you have and moving to a home that better fits your needs.

Buying a Tucson Fixer-Upper

Some Tucson investors concentrate on buying fixer-uppers, making repairs and upgrades then selling for a profit. Going with a Tucson fixer-upper can also be a smart way for those who are handy to buy a home in a neighborhood that they might otherwise be unaffordable. Fixer-uppers are a wonderful opportunity for those who simply love to create their space to their own specifications but for whatever reason do not want to start with a vacant lot.

Best to know the extent of the job and whether or not you are up to it before you buy. Some Tucson fixer-uppers simply need cosmetic work such as paint, wallpaper, carpeting and maybe kitchen appliances are fairly easy to estimate the costs for fixing. Tucson homes that need minor structural repairs such as roofing are also fairly easy to cost estimate.

Buying a Tucson Fixer-Upper

This, of course, depends on the condition of the Tucson home and the estimated cost of the repairs you must make. Tucson real estate in a good neighborhood that is priced about 25% lower than others that are in good shape may be a good deal if it simply needs cosmetic or minor structural repairs. If the house is a gut job, that is the entire inside will be torn out and rebuilt the 25% rule may work and may not so estimate your costs as closely as possible.

Shopping by neighborhood makes good sense when considering the purchase of a fixer upper. As a buyer, the more you know about the Tucson homes in a particular area the better able you are when it comes time to judge whether or not a home you are considering meets the financial parameters you are looking for.

When Tucson Does Not Sell

Let’s say a home is in excellent condition but simply messy. The cat box needs changing, the dog dish is a mess, the dishes haven’t been put into the dishwasher and the beds are not made. Should these conditions affect the price of the Tucson? No, but they do. Take two identical houses next door to each other and priced the same. The sparkling clean house will sell much faster than the messy house and the messy house will more than likely sell for a lower figure. This is true of Tucson as well as real estate nationwide.

When a home does not sell, the owners tend to think that the REALTOR didn’t do a good enough job of promoting the property. There is a difference among agents and brokers and some will promote a property more than others. However, the main and most important method of promoting Tucson for sale is listing it in the local MLS.


A bargain exists in the mind of a buyer when entering into an agreement to exchange goods when the buyer thinks the price is favorable. Bargains can always be found in the Tucson market if a buyer is patient and willing to wait for a truly motivated seller. In economic downturns many people believe that foreclosures and short sales are automatically bargains when, in fact, this may not be the case.